Faculty photo: Suzanne Denu

Suzanne Denu, MT‑BC

Music Therapist


Received her degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA

Music Therapy and Related Experience

Bringing live musical interactions and therapeutic musical experiences to children of ALL abilities is at the core of Ms. Denu’s practice.  She developed her therapeutic use of music through her 7 years of experience working as an integral part of the Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Team at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.  There, she honed her skills in successful private and co-treatment sessions with her fellow Allied Health professionals.  Ms. Denu brought her experience in tailoring musical methods to accompany ongoing therapeutic goals back to New England in 2010, where she has since been working for a non-profit Early Intervention agency and Developmental Day School for children with complex medical and education needs.  At The Professional Center for Child Development, she provides both group and individual client experiences in homes as well as on–site at the Center.  Ms. Denu was excited to join the staff of the Manchester Community Music School to provide Music Therapy services as part of special educational programming in a public school system in New Hampshire.

Classes & Programs