Early Childhood

Your musical journey can never start too early!

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness.

Playing music, singing songs, and learning rhymes:

Expands a child’s vocabulary

Accelerates their ability to distinguish sounds as they learn to read and spell

Develops fine and gross motor skills 

Encourages creativity and provides a space to express themselves freely

Increases memory skills through repetition

Enhances general well-being
Children are not self-conscious when they’re singing – they relax, sing, and move freely

At MCMS, our programming is designed to usher your child through their musical journey. Starting as young as 6 months old, Sprouting Melodies® classes use music to promote healthy child development.

As they get a little older, Little Maestros classes further peak their musical curiosity and engagement, and prepares them to move into private lessons on the instrument of their choice.

Our early childhood faculty are specially trained to support your child’s developmental needs, help assess their aptitude and interests, and provide a joyful music foundation.