Policies & Procedures

MCMS 2023-2024 Policies and Procedures

Private Lessons


Students enroll for the school year. A deposit is due with registration. Payment in full is due on the published date or the monthly payment program, Tuition-in-Tune, must be used. The summer session registration occurs separately in the spring.


Lesson times are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the student and teacher and are permanent for the year. Lessons may be held online or in person. Tuition includes 32 private lessons, 2 recitals, MCMS recital accompanist, and a variety of MCMS workshops, guest performances and masterclasses. Regular attendance is expected. Only lessons missed by the teacher or due to school closing will be made up. The teacher must approve all rescheduled lesson times.

Virtual Lessons for Illness/Quarantine:

For students who are scheduled to have their lessons in-person, in the event of illness or quarantine, short term virtual lessons will be offered.


Students may withdraw from their lesson without penalty during drop periods only. The drop periods are up to and including the first two weeks after they begin lessons and/or January 15, 2024 – January 26, 2024. Students will receive a full refund of any remaining tuition, which has already been paid. Students are responsible for tuition up to the drop period. Decisions to withdraw and requests for a refund must be submitted directly to the Registrar in writing or via e-mail.

A “Leave of Absence” policy is in place for extenuating circumstances that fall outside of the drop period. Contact the Registrar regarding details of the policy and to discuss your situation.

Group Classes and Large Ensembles


NHYE registers once in September for the school year (September – May). All other group classes and ensembles will register for fall, winter/spring or summer sessions separately.

Tuition is payable in full or via our monthly payment plan, Tuition in Tune, prior to the start of classes each session.


There are no make-ups for group classes or ensembles except for teacher or school cancellation.


Tuition for group classes or ensembles is not refundable.

All Students/Clients

Registration Fee: 

The non-refundable registration fee of $30 per student is payable annually, (Sept.-Aug.). There is a $60 maximum registration fee per family, per year.

Returned Check Policy:

Please note, there will be a fee of $25 for all returned checks.

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance:

The Manchester Community Music School maintains an active tuition assistance program. Eligibility is based on merit and financial need. Financial aid applications are available on the website.


The Manchester Community Music School reserves the right to cancel any class not meeting minimum class enrollments. Should the School cancel a class, you will be notified, and a full refund will be made.

Inclement Weather:

In the event of a weather-related emergency, the school will post an announcement on closings and delays on WMUR, our Website, Twitter and Facebook pages. In the event of a school closure, virtual private lessons will be offered. With regard to classes and ensembles, weather conditions are monitored throughout the day during storms, and if there are any changes they will be posted on our Website, Twitter and Facebook pages. Please contact the front office if you are not sure.


MCMS reserves the right to dismiss any student for destruction of property or failure to cooperate with a representative of the School. MCMS is not responsible for students outside of their lessons and a parent or guardian must supervise their children when they are not in a lesson or class.

Safe Environment Policy

Manchester Community Music School is committed to providing an environment that is safe, supportive, and where musical experiences can be enjoyed by all.

 Student Expectations

  • Be on time for all lessons, classes, and sessions.
  • Be respectful of Music School staff, property, and fellow student.
  • Exhibit socially adaptive and appropriate behavior in all public spaces.
  • Come to all lessons and classes with a positive attitude ready to fully participate.
  • Due to the nature of the Music School, any student needing additional medical or behavioral support is responsible for providing their own equipment and/or personnel.

Policies and Admissions Agreement:

“Participants may be suspended or terminated from the Music School for: (1) behavior which is severely disruptive to activities; (2) behavior which places other students, staff members, or self in danger; (3) change in medical condition which cannot be managed by the Music School; (4) failure of student’s family/caregiver to adhere to MCMS policies; and (6) failure to pay tuition and/or fees.”

Three Step Policy

Any faculty or staff member may report conduct not aligning with policy.

First Step – Student is spoken to, and expectations are reviewed. Student will acknowledge and agree to improve behavior.

Second Step – Parent or guardian is spoken to with or without student present. Expectations will be reviewed again, and student will enter a probationary period where behavior will be monitored more closely.

Third Step – Temporary or permanent expulsion.


Student accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis within the capabilities of the Music School. The final decision as to whether or not an accommodation can be provided will be determined by MCMS staff.


The School is located at 2291 Elm St. in Manchester. Parking is available in the Trenton Street and Elm Street parking lots, and on surrounding side streets. Please pay attention to all “No Parking” signs and be courteous to our neighbors.


Call us at 603-644-4548, e-mail us at registrar@mcmusicschool.org, or come by the office at 2291 Elm St., Manchester, NH 03104!