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Add the Elegance of Professional Musicians to your Special Event!

Professional musicians – our faculty – are available through the Manchester Community Music School to perform classical or jazz music at receptions, weddings, auctions, fundraising events, parties, and corporate events. 

Our faculty members include some of the finest freelance musicians in New England.

To find out more about how to engage the services of Music School musicians, email Aubrie Dionne, Performance Leadership Director.

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Music to Make Your Occasion Special

Jazz & Classical

Chamber Ensembles



Brass Guitar

Piano Harp

We just wanted to reach out and say thank you to the both of you for everything on Sunday.

The strings were such a perfect fit for our ceremony and totally matched the feel of the venue that we were going for. We also really appreciate you being so flexible with the weather (which honestly, we thought make the ceremony more memorable.) Thank you again for the suggestion for the processional—we loved it! We’re also so appreciative of you being able to kind of run with the vibe that we were looking for for the cocktail hour - we weren’t around for much of it due to photos but from what we could hear from afar it was exactly the vibe we were shooting for.

Thanks again for everything.


1 Musician

1 Hour$375
2 Hours$425
3 Hours$500
4 Hours$575

2 Musicians

 Hours Fee
1 Hour $575
2 Hours  $625
3 Hours  $775
4 Hours  $825

3 Musicians

1 Hour$750
2 Hours$825
3 Hours$1,050
4 Hours$1,275

4 Musicians

 Hours Fee
1 Hour $925
2 Hours $1,025
3 Hours $1,325
4 Hours $1,625

Prices vary depending on instrumentation, location, availability, and equipment usage/cartage.  $100 nonrefundable deposit required to book any event.

*Musicians cannot play in the rain unless under sufficient cover. Outdoor performances require a  temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or above.