Music Therapy

Music Therapy at MCMS focuses on empowerment and strength-based, humanistic approaches to utilizing music, and all of its attributes (tempo, pitch, timbre, volume, rhythm, etc.) to support individuals and groups in the development of individualized skills and goals.

Sessions are led by Board Certified Music Therapists who determine the strengths and areas of growth for each client, establishing individualized and measurable goals within a therapeutic relationship. Areas of growth may include:

Physical/motor development

Social/emotional growth
Promoting wellness
Enhancing memory

Pain management

Cognitive and academic skills
Communication skills
Managing stress
Creative expression
Quality of life

First of Its Kind

Established in 2006, the Music Therapy program at MCMS was the first of its kind at a community music school in the state. Since that time, music therapy has grown significantly within the state. Music Therapy at MCMS is still seen as the model for other organizations and welcomes individuals with all abilities or disabilities and of all ages. Additionally, the Music Therapy Program at MCMS is pleased to host qualified music therapy students to facilitate clinical internships and hands-on learning experiences.