Faculty photo: Ryan Striker

Ryan Striker

Clarinet, Beginning Saxophone, and Beginning Piano, Queen City Music and Leadership Program Program Coordinator, Faculty Department Chair Woodwinds and Brass

Teaching Statement

My primary goal when teaching any level and age of student is to make the content they are learning fun and engaging. Music is a vast universe with various ways to experience it. Whether that experience is listening, performing, studying, composing, or generally talking about music, my aim is to help every student have a deeper understanding of their experience and how they participate in its creation. I hope that with a deeper understanding, comes an improved appreciation and a greater enjoyment within the field of music.

I have learned many life skills through my experiences with music, and I truly believe that every student can develop these same skills by practicing and participating in music of any capacity. While many students may not to choose to make a career of music, by learning an instrument, they are able to use that knowledge as a means to access the vast musical universe. I hope to encourage all my students and to give them the resources to have the best possible experiences with music.


Ryan Striker is a clarinet and music theory teacher, who has diverse teaching experience, ranging from elementary to college level students. He holds a Master’s degree in music theory from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM) and Bachelor’s degree in clarinet performance from Marshall University.

Teaching/Performance Bio

Ryan first began teaching private clarinet lessons during the last 2 years of his Bachelor’s degree in 2011. He helped students prepare for and make it into all-state bands in both, Ohio and West Virginia. While at Marshall University, Ryan tutored other college students in music theory. He performed as principal clarinetist for both the Marshall Orchestra and Wind Symphony during those same years. During his time at CCM, Mr. Striker was awarded a graduate assistant scholarship, in which he taught college level music theory to undergraduate students.

After finishing his Master’s in the summer of 2017, he moved to New Hampshire. Currently, Ryan plays with Southern New Hampshire University’s Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. He also teaches English as a second language to elementary aged children.