The Miracle Project®

The Miracle Project

Based out of California and founded by Elaine Hall, the Miracle Project® is an all-inclusive theater and expressive arts program geared specifically towards children and young adults with autism and other special needs, as well as their typically developing siblings and peers.

The Miracle Project at MCMS

MCMS is excited to launch its own–The Miracle Project® New England North

Through this program, autistic and other neurodiverse individuals work alongside their neurotypical peers to create theater pieces, make artwork, and write songs. Through music, dance, acting, and art activities, participants learn about themselves and others – how to communicate, work together, and appreciate each other’s strengths and differences.

The philosophy behind this program is that by focusing on the strengths of every individual The Miracle Project® brings out the best in each participant! Through relationship building, a strong network of support, and an emphasis on learning from one another, each individual can develop the confidence to be creative and to express themselves in their own unique way.

If you would like more information on upcoming projects, email our Miracle Project director, Christina Grandoni-Barlow MT-BC, at