Terry Barton’s Winter 2021 Recital

Terry Barton’s Winter 2021 Recital









Enjoy these fantastic performances from some of MCMS’s most talented piano students!

A Short Story by Heinrich Lichner

Asherah Mirles


Piece Little Waltz by Cornelius Gurlitt

Katherine Thorner


The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Aidan Lamothe


Sonatina by Friedrich Kuhlau

Dylan Fung


Grandmother by Nancy Faber

Anika Bhattarai


Allegro Grazioso by Albert Biehl

Michael Cheung


Sonatina Op.36 No. 3 Allegro by Muzio Clementi

Michael Cheung


Morning by Edward Grieg
Persian Market by N. Faber

Sumedh Godavarthy


The Loch Ness Monster by Nancy Faber

Alexis Peterson


Vivace by Ferdinando Carulli
Morning has Broken   –  Traditional

Annie Lin 


Ice Cream and More Ice Cream   Music by Nancy Faber/Words by Crystal Bowmah

Anya Bhattarai