Share Your Musical Story

Share Your Musical Story

♪ Share Your Musical Story! ♪

As the Manchester Community Music School (MCMS) celebrates our 30th anniversary, we are reflecting on what makes the school so special. To us, the many wonderful stories we hear from our students and their families are the best testament to the work we do.

Hear how the Music School has impacted students and families in their own words in this 30th Anniversary video.

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Here are more excerpts from our musical stories.

“When Yasmin started taking off – consuming pieces at faster and faster rates — Debbie Markow would sometimes (generously) extend our lesson times, and some of my favorite memories of that time were of both their faces, intent on the music as the clock ticked away.  Once, with tears in my eyes, I said to Debbie that there was nothing more marvelous than a child who wished to learn and a teacher who loved to teach.” ~ Shirene, mom of Yasmin

“In a little less than five years of being involved with piano studies at the music school, I can say I developed exceptionally in my practices and my character. Music has helped me with my personal life and has also set very high standards for me. My diligent and dedicated approach toward music directly reflects my high standards of academic achievement. MCMS means a lot to me in that it has helped give me more direction in my life. I have ultimately grown into a better person under the influence of music and my devoted instructors at MCMS. It is like my second home because I spend so much quality time with people I love and know very well. It is like a bigger family that I feel like I belong to. MCMS allowed for my seed to sprout and mature, and I am grateful there is a place that can do this for me.” ~ Nermin

“At 3 years old Aislynn attended the Suzuki readiness camp.  When the flute instructor, Mss Judy, walked in to introduce flute to the kids, her eyes lit up.  After blowing the loudest note in the class she was hooked.  She was born whistling, and thanks to MCMS she was able to tap into her natural expression of music.  She continues to take flute lessons, and at 5 years old she has become quite the little flautist, thanks to Manchester Community Music School.” ~ Natasha, mom of Aislynn

“As a lifelong learner (and a confirmed HAM who loves to get on stage anytime I have an audience), MCMS has given me the opportunity to work with and learn from some very high level Musicians. In 2006, I was involved with the Granite State Opera Company’s production of Madame Butterfly, working with Phil Lauriat and Elizabeth Blood from MCMS, along with other singers from the area and from the Metropolitan Opera.” ~ Bill

Many thanks to the families, students, staff and donors who made these stories and the video possible! To the people behind the camera – your tireless efforts for the school are very much appreciated.

And a special thank you to our sponsors who enable us to continue building our fabulous musical community!