Queen City Music and Leadership Program

Queen City Music and Leadership Program

The Queen City Music and Leadership Program gives students grades 6 – 12 the opportunity to access private lessons and in-depth music learning while developing friendships and leadership skills. Previous experience not required.

As part of the program students will receive:

*A loaner instrument to take home
*Small group lessons
*Guided practice time
*Ensemble playing
*Leadership opportunities
Thanks to grant funding, every student is subsidized by at least 50%
 with additional financial assistance available as needed.

This program has an open enrollment, but space is limited.

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No student will be denied access to this program because of a family’s financial situation.

Thanks to grant funding, every student in the program is subsidized by at least 50%. The total cost for the program is $500 for a full academic year. Because every child is subsidized by 50%, no child will pay more than $250 for a full year.
If a family’s financial situation does not make this possible, the Music School will

work with you to determine what you are comfortable with.

It is necessary for the program to have some cost in order for it to be sustainable going forward. As such we do ask for at least a small contribution from every family.

Commitment and Dedication

Participation in QCMLP program demands commitment and enthusiasm from everyone. Cooperation is more important than competition. Courtesy, respect, and consideration for others are essential. It is the intention of the instructors to develop in the members of each cohort an appreciation of music and teamwork as they learn to grow and play together.

Student safety is important throughout our programming at the Music School. A student whose behavior is dangerous or repeatedly disruptive must be immediately picked up. Our staff will work with each student to overcome any obstacle to create a safe learning environment for them. Repeatedly disruptive, disrespectful or dangerous behavior will result in the loss of privileges or activities, suspension or dismissal from the program.

Behavior Expectations
We expect students to behave as follows:

• Be responsible for personal belongings • Participate in all activities
• Possess positive and caring attitudes
• Follow all safety procedures and

• Comply with directions from any MCMS or QCMLP staff member.

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality each Tuesday is mandatory. If it becomes necessary to miss a Tuesday afternoon session, the following policy is in place:

1. You can give advance notice of a planned absence to the program coordinator. You are allowed up to 2 excused absences per semester. (fall/spring)

2. Unplanned absence (sickness or family emergency): Call in as soon as you know you will be absent. Leave a message for the program coordinator on the Music School voicemail or with the front receptionist.

Failure to notify the Music School of any absence will result in an unexcused absence.

Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the program.

If there is an unforeseen issue with transportation, students are expected to attend online. A link will be provided upon request to connect with the QCMLP classroom for the same time period as in-person programming.