Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Why Take Lessons at the Manchester Community Music School?

At MCMS, We Educate a Well Rounded Musician

Included with Lessons:


*Music Theory Classes

*Professional Concerts and Masterclasses

*Highlighted Performances on You Tube

*Musician of the Month

*World Class Teachers who are professionals in their fields

*Professional accompanists for rehearsals and performances

*Invitations to Perform at The Currier Museum for the Arts, Barnes and Noble, Community Events, and Area Nursing Homes and Community Centers.


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Academic Year 2019/2020 Private Music Lessons

Working with a private teacher gives you the opportunity to strengthen your playing skills. Your teacher will help you work on specific areas that need improvement, such as articulation, intonation, rhythm and phrasing. Your teacher will also give you strategies on how to practice, open the door to new music and what to practice, and will motivate and encourage you to do your very best work.

All Ages, All Levels, All Instruments: Open Enrollment all year long

Six 30-minute Trial Lessons:      6 weeks:  $199.02

New Student Discount Rate:      34 weeks: $1,399.10 (prorated)
(3o minute lesson)

30 minute lesson:                            34 weeks: $1,539.18 (prorated)

45 minute lesson:                            34 weeks: $2,099.50 (prorated)

60 minute lesson:                            34 weeks: $2,779.50 (prorated)

(32 weeks of lessons + 2 recitals = 34 weeks)

Ask about paying in full to receive a discount.

*Discount for Private Lesson Students if participating in an Ensemble

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MCMS provides quality instruction and performance opportunities for students of all ages. In a teaching environment dedicated to enhancing your enjoyment and appreciation of music, you will be valued as an individual and receive the support you need to meet your goals.

Our talented faculty makes learning fun. Faculty members are committed to developing the musician within you through caring and personal instruction.  For private instruction, you will be placed with an instructor based on teaching and learning styles, maintaining the high standards for which the school has become known.

What is a private teacher?
The private teacher you will study with is a professional performing artist who plays the instrument you are playing. For example, if you want to take lessons on flute, your teacher will be a professional flutist!…really, there is such a thing! That teacher may play another instrument…like bassoon…or saxophone…but their main instrument is flute. That’s important because the teacher really knows all there is to know about that instrument. Often they have studied with teachers from all over the world.

Why take private lessons?
Working with a private teacher, either one on one or in a small group gives you the opportunity to strengthen you playing skills. Your teacher will help you work on specific areas of your playing that need improvement, such as articulation, intonation, rhythm and phrasing.

When you take private lessons, you get right to the point in improving your playing. Your teacher will give you strategies on how to practice, open the door to new music and what to practice, and will motivate and encourage you to do your very best work.
Private lessons are scheduled according to student and teacher availability. Tell us when you are available, and we will match that with a teacher’s time.

What can I take for Private Lessons?
In addition to all the instruments…Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Strings, …you can study Voice, Music Theory, Composition, Piano…both Classical and Jazz, Harp, Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin and more!

See our Suzuki page for information about this inspiring and engaging method of learning musical instruments starting as young as age 3! Manchester Community Music School is also proud to offer the largest Youth Ensemble Program north of Boston. There are ensembles for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced. Learn more about our NH Youth Ensembles Program.

What is included with private lessons?

  • Recitals- an accompanist is provided for school-wide and teacher studio recitals and rehearsals at no additional charge to the student. In addition to the school recitals, students may give their own private recital at MCMS and use the facility free of charge. *All private recital participants must meet with Aubrie Dionne to discuss the details of the event.
  • Community Performances- MCMS partners with several local organizations to hold recitals in the community such as the Currier Museum of Art and Grace Episcopal Church.
  • Masterclasses
  • Music Theory Classes – Students who take private lessons at the school now have the opportunity to take part in ongoing music theory classes. Topics covered will include basic notation, key signatures, time signatures, scales, intervals, chord structures and more. There will also be sight-singing, ear training and dictation exercises.
Private Music Composition and Theory

The unique Theory/ Composition program at Manchester Community Music School

Ages:  All ages

Class Times:  Lessons are scheduled as private lessons, dependent on students’ and teachers’ schedules.

Instructor:  Romeo Melloni

Our faculty member, Romeo Melloni, is an experienced composer whose music has been performed internationally. Drawing from his experience, Mr. Melloni has created a simple and extremely effective method for teaching composition that stresses the importance of traditional techniques and craft. Because of its simplicity, his method works well with students of any age.

The composition program consists of a series of private lessons of negotiable length that ends with the Composer Forum, a recital in which professional musicians perform and discuss in detail, the students’ compositions. The Composer Forum is a unique opportunity for learning that the Music School is delighted to offer.

For every recital the student is asked to write music for a specific group of instruments. In the past, students have composed solo pieces for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, violin, cello, voice, harp, piano and French horn and for various combinations such as duets and trios.

This program is very effective. It is extremely rewarding to see a third grade student compose a good piece of chamber music; and it is exciting to see that Mr. Melloni’s high school students are placed in advance theory courses when they enter into their first year of college.

Composition lessons are important for anyone who is interested in pursuing music seriously. Composition transforms the sometimes dry subject of music theory into an exciting activity that deepens the student’s understanding of music on every level as well as his/her creativity, intuition and self -knowledge.

We Make Music Education Accessible To All

Monthly Payments

Enroll in a monthly payment plan called “Tuition in Tune” through Centrix Bank. To choose this option, visit our Tuition in Tune Page and follow the instructions. Complete the Tuition in Tune  form as well as the registration form and return both to the Music School.

Tuition Assistance

The Music School is committed to making music education accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay. We are proud to offer need-based financial aid to qualifying students.  If you would like to apply for financial aid, visit our Tuition Assistance page for more information.


It is so important for students of all ages to have the opportunity to study music.

Listen to MCMS’s Past Executive Director, Judy Teehan, talk about what makes studying

music at MCMS special.