Music Technology & Recording

Music Technology & Recording

Recording Services Now Available!

The Music School is equipped with a full-service audio production and recording studio, with state of the art audio and computer editing equipment. We are ready to record your solo, band, or ensemble recording. Work with one of our professional recording technicians to produce the ultimate sound track.

To get started, call us at 603-644-4548

Music Tech Learning Opportunities

The following courses can be scheduled as private instruction. Sessions are arranged in 90-minute segments.

All Ages

Tuition for two 90-minutes sessions is $199

Composing and Arranging Music  with Sibelius

Basic instruction will be combined with project-based exploration, with great flexibility on individual needs. Focus will be on individually designed composition or arranging projects based on individual needs. Participants will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of the notation software, including chord symbols, lyrics, filters, multiple voices, plug-ins, and more.

Instructor: John Zevos

Apple’s GarageBand

Learn how to use Apple’s GarageBand to compose and record music. Using the included loops or creating your own, create backgrounds for improvisation, movie soundtracks, and hip hop music. Knowledge of Macintosh computers is helpful, but not required.

Instructor: Carl Benevides

Sound Recording using ProTools

This course is suited for anyone interested in digital audio. Cover the basic principles of audio recording from set up to recording, editing, mixing, and burning to CD. Pro Tools software will be used, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac 

Instructor: Mike Clark

Live Sound Recording

This course offers a practical guide to equipment and sound for small to medium sized gigs. It covers everything from choosing PA equipment and back line amplification, to selecting the right type of microphone and finding your way around a typical live sound mixer. Stage monitoring, effects and processors, tuning, DI techniques, radio mics, basic wiring infor­mation, amplifier and loudspeaker principles are all covered.

Instructor: Mike Clark

Monthly Payments

Enroll in a monthly payment plan called “Tuition in Tune” through Centrix Bank. To choose this option, visit our Tuition in Tune Page and follow the instructions. Complete the Tuition in Tune  form as well as the registration form and return both to the Music School.

Financial Aid

The Music School is committed to making music education accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay. We are proud to offer need-based financial aid to qualifying students.  If you would like to apply for financial aid, visit our Financial Aid Page for more information.