Performance Competitions

Performance Competitions

Manchester Community Music School Performance Competitions


Sunday, April 7, 2019

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Congrats to the Previous Winners:


Preschool- Grade 3

1st Saijin Jin Rousseau

2nd Charles Molten

3rd Noah Haskell and Katherine LaFlamme

Elementary- Grade 4-6

1st Emily Sun

2nd Raner Chow and Jacinta Swope

3rd Ilinca Drondoe

Junior High Grades 7-8

1st Crystal Su

2nd Alessandra Mariano

3rd Kedai Wei

High School A Grades 9-10

1st Baoyu Wright

2nd Emily Martsolf

3rd Matara Tamzarian

High School B Grades 11-12

1st Ben Gambuzza

2nd Madeline Harmelink and Neelam Sandhu



Preschool-Grade 3

1st Lydia Taylor and Avigayil Fleurant (recorder)

2nd William Lu


Elementary Grades 4-6

1st Brynlee Kimball

2nd Elsie Munsterteiger

3rd Julina Li and Naomi Taylor

Junior High Grades 7-8

1st Shanni Zhou

2nd Lindsey Brayer

3rd Sreerkar Chilakapati

High School Grades 9-10

1st Monserrat Turriza

2nd Jazzmin Victorin

High School 11-12

1st Madison Harper

2nd Emily Loose

3rd Dana Bent


Preschool-Grade 3

1st William Lu

2nd Anna Fazelat

3rd Caitlin Seiler

Elementary Grades 4-6

1st Gavin Palmer

2nd Arabella Mariano

3rd Sage Konick

Junior High Grades 7-8

1st Alexander Cheung

2nd Joe Gagnon

3rd Erin McAndrew



Preschool-Grade 3

1st Keira Schaefer

Elementary Grades 4-6

1st Emerson Ligor and Paige Patnaude

Junior High Grades 7-8

1st Liam McIntyre


Young Artist

1st Michael Troung and Rebecca Tarling


Voice Grades 7-8

1st Caroline Desmarais and Faith Gormley


On Sunday, April 12, 2015 MCMS held performance competitions for students  preschool – grade 12. We had 90 incredibly talented performers, about half were current music school students. Below are the winners by category.

Congrats to the 2015 Winners:


Elementary Harp Preschool – Grade 3
1st Emerson Ligor – MCMS, Erica Driscoll
Elementary Harp Grade 4-6
1st Emily Richardson – Non MCMS, 2nd Annie Smaldone – Non MCMS
Elementary Harp Grade 7-8
Honorable Mention, Liam McIntyre – MCMS Erica Driscoll
Elementary Winds Preschool-Grade 3
1st: Aislynn Hyde- MCMS, Judy Teehan 1st: Lydia Taylor- Non, Judy Teehan


Elementary Winds Grade 4-6
1st: Brynlee Kimball- MCMS, Judy Teehan 2nd: Elsie Munstertieger- MCMS, Aubrie 3rd: Julina Lu- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne
3rd: Alexandra Dionne- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne

Junior High Winds Grade 7-8
1st: Lindsey Brayer- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne 2nd: Sophia Pajakowski, MCMS, Aubrie Dionne 3rd: Alexa Klamka, Non

High School A Winds Grade 9-10
1st: Emily Loose- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne 2nd: Megan Pope- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne 3rd: Gabby Robinson- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne

High School B Woodwinds Grade 11-12
1st: Katelyn Mullikin- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne 1st: Gabi Bock- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne
2nd: Corinne Berntsen- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne 3rd: Dana Bent- MCMS, Aubrie Dionne


Elementary Strings Preschool-Grade 3
1st: Neil Valle- MCMS Debbie Markow 1st: Arabella Mariano- MCMS Debbie 2nd: Caitlin Seiler- MCMS Debbie Markow 3rd: Sage Konick- MCMS Debbie Markow

Elementary Strings Grades 4-6
1st: Emily Seiler- MCMS, Debbie Markow 2nd: Prachi Khrade- MCMS, Debbie Markow 3rd: Amelia Hughes- Non MCMS

Junior High Strings Grade 7-8
1st: Joe Gagnon- MCMS, Rebecca Carle 2nd: Ian Chin- MCMS, Elliott Markow


Junior High Voice Grades 7-8
1st: Faith Gormley- MCMS Krystal Morin 1st: Caroline Desmarais- MCMS- Donna L.


Elementary Piano Preschool- Grade 3
1st: Roxane Park-Non 2nd: Charles Molton- Non 3rd: Salina Giovagnoli- Non

Elementary Piano Grade 3-6
1st: Maxine Park- Non; 2nd: Nikolai Checkin- Non; 3rd: Nikhil Gottemukkala- Terry B.

Junior High Piano: Grade 7-8
1st: Nathan Morrissey- Non; 2nd: Matara Tamzarian, MCMS Justin; 3rd: Sophia Pajakowski, MCMS Rebecca P.

High School Piano A Grades 9-10
1st: Elizabeth Rhodes- Non; 2nd: Neelham Sandhu- Non; 3rd: Madeline Harmelink- MCMS Elizabeth

High School Piano B Grades 11-12
1st: Erin Tellier- Non; 2nd: Prathik M. Ravel- Non

Young Artist Grades 6-12
1st: Stephen Wang- Non; 2nd: Allessandra Mariano- Non; 3rd: Nermin Hasanovic- MCMS Rebecca P.