Perform with talented young musicians in the largest ensemble program north of Boston, led by some of New England’s finest conductors.

Enrollment is based on ability, experience, and a commitment to the program. Students are expected to spend a substantial amount of time practicing their music outside of rehearsals and to attend all rehearsals and concerts. Students must take private lessons, but are not required to study privately at MCMS. The ensembles prepare two concerts in January and May with additional performances at off-site venues.

We welcome students to audition for the NH Youth Ensemble program throughout the year. Place­ment is dependent on openings within each ensemble.

For any ensemble questions, email ensembles@mcmusicschool.org
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  *Ensemble enrollment will reduce your private lesson cost!

For information about the NHYE ensembles contact the Music School office at 603-644-4548.

String Preparatory Ensemble

for Beginner Level Players

This ensemble is the perfect first step to orchestral playing. Students learn how to follow a conductor and play with a string section. Students gain an understanding of playing in tune, mastering melodic and harmonic balance, interpretation of dynamics, tempo and performance etiquette. Deborah Markow leads this ensemble through a progression of repertoire to engage and challenge young players. Ensemble repertoire is tailored to meet the needs of each player while providing the opportunity to gain experience in ensemble playing and improving individual playing skill. Students gain an appreciation for both classical and contemporary music. Past repertoire includes works by Sibelius, Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.

  • Conductor:  Deborah Markow
  • Ages:  3rd – 8th grade, level dependent – Audition required
  • Rehearsal Time: Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm
  • Start Date: Students can join at any time at the discretion of the director
  • Number of Weeks: 24 weeks
  • Tuition: $450
  • Audition Date: Auditions are year round at the discretion of the director.

Call the Music School office at (603) 644-4548 to schedule a time

Audition Requirements:
Scales: A Major, D Major, G Major, C Major
1 Octave, separate bow
♩= 60 (quarter note for each note)
Memorized piece that is less than 4 minutes in length
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NH Youth Concert Orchestra

for Middle School and some Upper Elementary and High School Students (intermediate-level players)

This ensemble focuses on nurturing and inspiring young string players to explore the collaborative side of their musical studies. Concert Orchestra students work to develop conscientious ensemble membership by focusing on technical skills idiomatic to string ensemble playing and exploring sophisticated and complex repertoire with frequent opportunities to audition for and perform solos.  Ensemble membership encourages both musical and personal growth in each member by cultivating a sense of responsibility, commitment, self-discipline, and confidence as students build relationships and work together under the guidance and with the support of the director and staff.

  • Conductor: Paul Pinard
  • Ages:  Middle School mainly, and some upper Elementary & High School (Intermediate Level Players) – Audition Required
  • Rehearsal Time: Tuesday 4:15-5:45pm
  • Start Date: TBD
  • Number of weeks: Full Year
  • Tuition: $475
  • Audition Date: Auditions are year round at the discretion of the director.

Call the Music School office at (603) 644-4548 to schedule a time


  1. A one-minute excerpt of a work that demonstrates musicality and expression at a slower tempo
  2. A one-minute excerpt of a work that demonstrates your technical ability at a faster tempo
    1. These excerpts are typically at the level of the music in Suzuki Books 3 and 4, however, all excerpts will be considered.
  3. 2 Scales (2 or 3 octaves) will be chosen from the following:
    1. Major: C, G, D, A, F, Bb
    2. Minor: a, e, d, g

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Dino Anagnost Youth Symphony Orchestra of New Hampshire

for Advanced Level Players

The  Symphony Orchestra is a full orchestra ensemble comprised of strings, winds, brass, and percussion players. This orchestra is a unique opportunity for students of traditional band and string programs to come together and experience high-level symphonic literature. Students will gain confidence in ensemble techniques, refine individual musicianship, and perform and collaborate with like-minded peers and mentors.

  • Conductor: Dani Rimoni
  • Ages: High School (in rare instances Middle School) Students – Audition Required
  • Rehearsal Time:  Tuesday 6:15-7:15pm – Strings Sectional, 7:30-8:45pm – Full Orchestra
  • Start Date: Students can join at any time at the discretion of the director
  • Number of weeks:  Full Year
  • Tuition: $550

 Auditions: Call the Music School office at (603) 644-4548 to schedule an audition.

Woodwinds/Brass – June 10, 2019, Strings – June 11, 2019


Students should be prepared to play 2 scales (two or three octaves) or their choice.

Solo Works:
Students should prepare two solo works or two movements from the same work that represent contrasting styles.

Sight Reading:
Students will also be asked to sight-read.

To Schedule an Audition Date/Time – Call the MCMS Office at 603-644-4548
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