Music School Sings! 2 Choirs, Voice Lessons & Audition Coaching

Music School Sings! 2 Choirs, Voice Lessons & Audition Coaching

The Music School is the Home for Voice in the Manchester Region

The Manchester Community Music School offers individual voice lessons, one-time audition coaching, and 2 choirs for group performance experience.

Second Generation Manchester Choral Society ~ 2G MCS

Grades 5 – 8 – auditioned

Second Generation Manchester Choral Society is an auditioned youth choir established in the spring of

2G MCS rehearsing with the Manchester Chorale Society

2012, through a collaboration between Manchester Choral Society (MCS) and Manchester Community

Music School. 2G MCS provides a unique opportunity for exceptional young singers to perform a variety of choral works. Both MCS and the Music School are committed to educational outreach and to providing young students with experiences that promote a love of music. Directed by Krystal Morin, and accompanied by Elizabeth Blood, the choir meets at the Music School weekly.

Learn more about this select choir and the audition process.

The Music School Choir

Ages 7 – 12 – non-auditioned

A choral experience for our elementary-aged students. In choir, we hope to foster a lifelong love of singing in all children. Through age-appropriate songs and games, your child will learn how to use his/her voice in the healthiest way. Your child will build a musical foundation through movement activities, games, and high quality songs.

Conducted by Rebekah Shultz

Learn more about the Music School Choir.

Voice Lessons at the Music School

The Music School has some of the finest voice Faculty in the region. Voice lessons for youngsters or lifelong learners, amateurs or professionals. Get a sneak peek of a voice lesson here at the school and hear from one of our students.  Learn more about our private lessons.

Audition Coaching

If you need some coaching for an upcoming audition, the Music School offers ‘Overtones’ sessions to help you prepare.  Call the office at 603-644-4548 for more information.