MT New Families

MT New Families

How Do I Get Started with Music Therapy at MCMS?
emily11. Parent/Caregiver Meeting

We’ll first schedule a time for parents/caregivers to meet with us and see the Music School. During this initial meeting, we’ll talk with you about Music Therapy and our program, review the needs of the individual who may benefit from Music Therapy, answer your questions, and tour the Music School/Music Therapy area.

Please contact Barbara Scott by email or call 603-644-4548 to schedule this meeting.

2. Individual Intake Session

After this initial parent/caregiver meeting, one of our Board Certified Music Therapists will contact you to schedule a one-on-one Music Therapy intake session to determine if Music Therapy could be beneficial for this individual. This session will be 30-45 min long. Following this Intake Session, the Music Therapist will make recommendations regarding on-going Music Therapy sessions. See below for how to register.

3. Registration Information

To register for on-going Music Therapy sessions, please use our online registration or the registration form included in the MCMS Welcome Packet you received at your initial meeting.  Learn about and apply for Tuition Assistance here.

Questions? We are happy to help! Please email Daisy Wojewoda or Barbara Scott or call them at 603-644-4548.

Directions to the Music School.