Mission Accomplished: An Evening With George Lopez Master Class

Mission Accomplished: An Evening With George Lopez Master Class

We were delighted to received this email from a board member of the School who attended the Master Class and Performance with pianist George Lopez on June 6th. We feel it captures the spirit of the evening and illustrates our mission of changing lives through the power of learning, sharing and making music beautifully.

Dear Jeanine,

It is interesting…..considering all the symphony performances, jazz concerts, Broadway musicals, and numerous other musical events attended over many years…..that two of my most profound musical experiences have come through the Manchester Community Music School.

Perhaps two decades ago, when I was traveling and working too much, I wondered into the music school, then on Hanover

Street, during another of my failed attempts to start piano lessons. I was paired with a wonderful teacher, who always embraced my efforts with sincerity and enthusiasm. He seemed to recognize that I had a sincere interest, however lacking in talent. Shortly after I began lessons with him, he left the school, he said, to take a job heading the music program at a school in Roxbury, Boston. They were to be blessed with his presence.

During my short tenure with him, he one day suggested that I might be interested in coming to the school one Saturday morning, when a number of his students were coming by to prepare for an upcoming recital. I was absolutely thrilled to be included. I still vividly recall that Saturday morning, just sitting on the floor in a pair of blue jeans, watching this wonderful instructor interact with his students…enjoying their ability to respond. Having missed any such experience in my educational years, I was emotionally moved and gratified by the experience.

If you music people take all of this for granted, you should not.

And then there was last night…..a similar experience. Before last evening, I had absolutely no idea what a “masters class” was all about. Now, having witnessed the magic of such a session, it seems to suggest a by-line for the school: The Pursuit of Excellence in Music!

To me, last night was magical. I felt privileged to be present. George Lopez is a born teacher. Listening to the nuance of his suggestions to our student players, and then watching the way those students immediately assimilated and responded….absolutely magical. The combination of George’s teaching, playing, and the thoughtful generosity of the Clayman family….all made for a terrific evening. When we run such an event in the future, I will be lining up the guests to profile our school….a great opportunity for us all.

Great job everyone. Thank you for a memorable evening!

Very best,


T.M. Lewry, CFP

President, Curbstone Financial Management Corporation