Music Education Matters ~ Meet Music School Student Megan Jurnak

Music Education Matters ~ Meet Music School Student Megan Jurnak

A video of Megan Jurnak singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at age three is one of her Mom’s most prized possessions. Although she doesn’t remember that particular performance, Megan’s earliest memories are of singing. It’s a part of who she is.

A 16-year-old Bedford High School sophomore, Megan takes voice lessons at the Manchester Community Music School with Faculty member Jill Deleault, is the singer for the NH Youth Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Faculty member Carl Benevides, took piano with Faculty member Justin McCarthy and has now taken up guitar lessons with Faculty member John Zevos.

This is Megan’s first year with the Jazz Ensemble and she has turned out some powerful performances. It’s pushing her beyond her comfort zone though. “Working with Carl, conductor of the Jazz Ensemble, is challenging (in a good way) for sure. He has high expectations of us. And performing up front of the band is intimidating. Carl won’t let you back off anything or shy away from any notes. It’s a good life lesson. I’m much more confident in general now.”

Megan is so passionate about singing that she and a few members of her Select Choir at Bedford High School founded a new A Capella Group at the school when inspiration struck after attending an A Capella Fest, called “Voices of the 603”. The group is called “Achording to Us” and Megan is composing all the music for it. They recently had their first Coffee House.

Next to singing, theater is closest to Megan’s heart. Musical theater, to be exact. Her favorite role was that of the Stepmother in Into the Woods and she just completed Guys and Dolls at her school. She looks forward to more challenging and exciting roles in her future with the coaching and support of her voice teacher, Jill.

photography by Matthew P. Lomanno

“Jill is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I feel like we really connect. That makes the learning process so much easier,” Megan said about Faculty Jill Deleault. “She discovered a new found talent for which I will be forever grateful. I used to belt a lot in the lower range. She helped me discover my upper range, so I can sing there too. She expanded my opportunities for roles I can play and parts I can sing.”

In her non-performing arts world, Megan is a self-proclaimed National Public Radio and political junkie. Last summer, Megan channeled her strong opinions about public policy and the direction of the country by interning with the President’s re-election campaign. She canvassed, held signs, and Election Day was one of the craziest and most rewarding days of her life.

Favorite Song:                                                      “It’s Nice to Be Alive” by Ballpark Music

Favorite Song When Doing Chores:          “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith

Favorite Song When in a Blue Mood:        “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables” from Les Miserables

What Would Surprise People About You?   “I really like to play Assassin’s Creed. I got a Game Boy for my 16th birthday and I’m a big nerd at heart.”

Come hear Megan sing with the NH Youth Jazz Ensemble at our upcoming

1940’s Dance Hall – Dancing with the Stars Share the Music Gala

to benefit the school’s need-based Financial Aid Program.

Megan is just one of the 1,200 unique, talented, and dedicated students who come to the Manchester Community Music School every year.  To learn more about all the programs we have to offer, check out our online Viewbook.