Folk and Jazz Ensembles

Folk and Jazz Ensembles

Folk String Ensemble

For players of any string instrument looking for ensemble playing, including guitar, mandolin, ukulele, string bass, and others. The Folk String Orchestra is a group of musicians who are continuing the old-time British American music tradition. Many of the tunes in this tradition have roots reaching back to the musical traditions of the British Isles. Today’s String Bands play all styles of music, including classical, folk, jazz, country, and bluegrass.

There will be plenty of guidance and coaching from the instructor on how to come up with your own parts, improvisation, creating solo breaks, fills, harmonies, bass lines and chordal accompaniments; how to listen and respond to what everyone else is playing, and how to blend in effectively as a band.

This ensemble meets for the full academic year, and will perform in conclusion of each semester. Additional performance opportunities will be available.

Instructor: John Zevos
Ages: Teen through Adult. All levels of playing ability.
Class Time: 6 – 7:00
Day of week: Wednesday
Start Date:  Sept. 18
Tuition: $525

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NH Youth Junior Jazz Ensemble

for Beginner/Intermediate Level Players

The Junior Jazz Ensemble is open to all instruments and all students with the desire to learn the jazz language. Jazz ensemble experience will match each student’s performance level. Students will explore jazz by learning proper jazz style and phrasing.

  • Conductor: Russ Ryan
  • Beginner/Intermediate Level Players
  • Rehearsal Time: Mondays 6:00-7:00pm
  • Start Date: TBD
  • Number of weeks: Full Year
  • Tuition: $400

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NH Youth Jazz Ensemble

for Advanced Level Players

The New Hampshire Youth Jazz Ensemble is an audition-based high-school level group focused on furthering student’s studies of jazz ensemble as well as combo jazz performance. It consists of accomplished students who either desire more experience to complement their current jazz performance classes as well as motivated students who do not have the opportunity to play jazz in their high-school settings. The ensemble is committed to advanced jazz ensemble and improvisational technique, but is extremely welcoming to musicians with primarily or solely classical performance. Students are treated as professional musicians in a typical ‘Big Band’ setting. They work on jazz ensemble skills such as sight-reading, listening, style, and performance expectations. Sight-reading is a highlight of our program and students can expect to do so almost every rehearsal. Students also will benefit from a wide range of musical styles within the ‘Big Band’ medium including: Swing, Shuffle, various Latin styles, Rock, Funk, and many other varieties of jazz music. Improvisation is never a requirement to be a member of the group, although advanced improvisers are highly encouraged to audition as well. Highly dedicated middle-school students may audition.

The NHYJE performs at MCMS as well as other outside performance opportunities. Recently the NHYJE has performed for private fundraisers at local restaurants as well as performed alongside the Compaq Big Band.

  • Conductor: Russ Ryan
  • Grades: 7th – 12th
  • Rehearsal Time: Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm
  • Start Date: TBD
  • Number of weeks: Full Year
  • Tuition: $500
  • Audition Dates: Auditions are year round at the discretion of the director.
  • Requirements: Bring one or two melodies from a real book, volume 1 and perform it with or without a backing track. Improvisation is encouraged but not required. Students may also choose to play two contrasting tunes. Students unfamiliar with real book charts are invited to instead bring any solo and/or ensemble excerpt they feels demonstrates their abilities jazz or classical.

Contact the Music School office at 603-644-4548 to for more information.
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