FAQ’s for Online Lessons and Classes

FAQ’s for Online Lessons and Classes

Dear Music School Family,

As we all navigate the COVID-19 crisis, I want to keep you updated as to what the Music School is doing.

Private in-person lessons have successfully made the transition to online lessons and we are very happy to share that to date more than 400 lessons have taken place remotely! I want to thank our faculty and staff for all their hard work to make this happen and our families for their flexibility and willingness to give this new approach a try.  I am inspired by the creativity and community spirit that made it possible for us to hardly miss a “beat” over the past two weeks.

If you have not yet made the transition to online lessons and would like to but need some help, please let us know and we will work with you!  You can reply to this email, or email Daisy directly at daisy@mcmusicschool.org.

Our Sprouting Melodies® early childhood classes are also now available online, giving our “Miniature Maestros” a little structured playtime to look forward to twice a week.

While our physical space is closed, the building is being deep cleaned with a special disinfectant so it will be ready for our students when we have the green light to re-open.

Per the Governor’s order yesterday, our physical premises will remain closed until May 4.   We will continue to track the situation with the city and health officials, and will re-open as soon as it is safe for everyone.

For now stay home, stay safe and keep making music!


Online Learning FAQ’s

The first priority for the Music School is the safety and well-being of our faculty, staff, students, and their families. As such, due to the current state of emergency, we are making the shift to online lessons for our students.

While we realize this is not an ideal situation, we feel very strongly that it is important to keep some sense of normalcy and connection for our students and Music School community during this time of great uncertainty.

If they have not already done so, your teacher will be reaching out to you to set up an online learning platform (i.e. Zoom, Facetime, Skype) that will work for both of you. Your lesson time will remain the same, the only change will be that your lesson will happen remotely from the safety of your own home.

You might still have questions, below are some responses to Frequently Asked Questions:


How will my online lessons be set up?

  • Your teacher will reach out to you to discuss format options that will work for both of you and will guide you through this process.

Will my lesson time change?

  • Your lesson time will remain the same, the only difference is it will take place remotely

Can I change my lesson time?

  • Any changes in lesson times will need to be agreed upon by the teacher.

Can I go to my teacher’s house for my lesson or can my teacher come to my house?

  • Per CDC guidelines for social distancing, we feel that online lessons are the best option for the time being.

What if I don’t have the technology to do online lessons?

  • If for some reason you do not have the technology necessary to have your lessons online, we will work with you to find a viable solution.

Online is not what I paid for…

  • While we understand that an online lesson may not be the perfect solution, we feel that for the short-term it is the best option to keep everyone safe and keep everyone playing. We greatly appreciate your patience during this time as we work to give your student the best experience possible.

How are the ensembles going to be made up?

  • Unfortunately, large ensembles will not be able to rehearse for the next few weeks. We are planning to extend the season if possible, and are exploring online ways to keep everyone practicing and connected.

What is happening with smaller ensembles and classes?

  • Flute choir will be continuing online. The conductor will be reaching out to members to set up the online format.
  • Folk String Orchestra will be continuing online. The conductor will be reaching out to members to set up the online format.
  • The Miracle Project is canceled for the next few weeks. We are planning to extend the program later in the spring if possible, and are exploring online ways to keep everyone connected.
  • Music Theory is canceled until the school re-opens. The class will be extended later into the spring semester if possible to make up missed classes.


  • Sprouting Melodies join a virtual class on Tuesdays at 10am and Fridays at 11am, all ages, with Board Certified Music Therapist Shannon Laine, MT-BC. We can spend some time checking in and discussing what you can do to make music at home with your little ones. If you are registered for Sprouting Melodies classes, check your e-mail for more information. If you’d like to join, please e-mail Shannon: shannon@mcmusicschool.org for more information.

I can’t pay my tuition going forward because I am not working because of COVID-19

  • If you run into financial difficulty because of the coronavirus, please contact us.

Will missed lessons be made up?

  • Since we do not know how long we will need to maintain social distancing policies, we are working hard to provide online learning to maintain consistency for our students and faculty. We do encourage our students to take advantage of this opportunity, as your instructors are making the time available to you.
  • We do realize that there may be some lessons missed due to the unpredictability of this situation. Our faculty will work hard to make those lessons up, and there will be an extended make-up period offered in June.

Music Therapy Sessions Private and Group

  • Our Music Therapists are working to develop the best plan for each individual. You will be contacted directly by your therapist to discuss a plan, and how you might incorporate online therapy and support during this time.