Ryan Striker

Faculty photo: Ryan Striker

Teaching Statement My primary goal when teaching any level and age of student is to make the content they are learning fun and engaging. Music is a vast universe with various ways to experience it. Whether that experience is listening, performing, studying, composing, or generally talking about music, my aim is to help every student […]

Romeo Melloni

Faculty photo: Romeo Melloni

Teaching Statement “When we perfect music, music perfects us”. Education Mr. Melloni attended Milan University where he studied musicology with Francesco Degrada. In Boston, he received his Bachelor on Music from Berklee College (1987) and his Master of Music (1989) and the honorary Graduate Diploma in composition (1991) from the New England Conservatory. His teachers […]

Justin McCarthy

Faculty photo: Justin McCarthy

Education Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance and Composition from Rice University in 1996, concurrent with a Master of Music degree in Composition, Doctor of Music degree from Boston University in 2000. Mr. McCarthy’s teachers have included Paul Cooper, Robert Roux, Bruce MacCombie, and Lukas Foss. Teaching/Performance Bio Mr. McCarthy serves as a collaborative […]