Harrison Christilles


Teaching Statement

My goal for teaching is enriching the lives of my students, and guiding them on their own path to be the best performers that they can be. By helping them comprehend the fundamentals of music and voice performance, we can further the understanding of what it means to create art. An important aspect is using both our bodies and voice as the vessel for music, and having an understanding of the physical link between the two. The most important part of this philosophy is coming to an understanding with who we are, and how to connect the emotional aspects of our being to performance. As students move forward, it’s important to keep in mind that the work is never really done, and to treat every day as if it’s the first, with clarity and ambition. The biggest thing I want students to take away from me is that in the end, it’s the people who matter.


B.A. Music Theater Arts – Music Performance, Plymouth State University

Teaching/Performance Bio

Harrison Christilles is a Manchester native and recent graduate from Plymouth State with a BA in Theatre Arts – Music Theatre Performance. Over his time at PSU, he’s led workshops and featured in multiple performances, and taught at a variety of experience levels. Since a young age, Harrison has always been involved with the arts and performance, and after seeing the progress that he’s made, wants to be a guide for more young singers and performers. While not on stage or in the classroom, you can usually find Harrison on the trails of the White Mountains, looking for great moments to capture