To Learn More About The Endowment Fund Click Here

To Learn More About The Endowment Fund Click Here

We are thrilled to share that the Music School has established the MCMS Endowment Fund as a way to ensure a permanent, stream of funding for the school’s mission.

Established through a very generous initial contribution of $67,000 by an anonymous donor, the fund will be used to generate a sustainable stream of income for the Music School, leaving the majority of the assets to grow in perpetuity. The endowment fund will help meet the nonprofit’s immediate needs while also ensuring assets are always preserved for the school’s long-term mission of Changing Lives Through the Power of Learning, Sharing, and Making Music.

The MCMS Endowment Fund welcomes gifts of all kinds, including cash, bequests, stock, life insurance and retirement assets. Gifts can be by calling the Music School office at 603-644-4548.

To Donate to the Endowment Fund contact

You can donate to the Music School anytime by clicking below:


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