Ukulele Social! – Uke Classes for the 21+ Crowd

Ukulele Social! – Uke Classes for the 21+ Crowd

Join the Ukulele craze! Learn a new instrument,  have a few drinks, meet some new people in this fun class.

You must be 21+ to register for this class.

This group class is for adults wanting to learn to play an instrument and have a blast along the way. The Ukulele is the perfect instrument for this! Why? It’s inexpensive, portable, works well with others and you can play and sing at the same. You’ll be playing the ukulele with chords and strum patterns in no time! 21+ please since adult beverages will be on hand!

Not your typical class, this Ukulele group explores music for many levels of player. If you are just starting out, or ready for some more advanced finger styles, John Zevos can provide the challenge and lead the way.

  • Instructor:  John Zevos
  • Ages:  Adult – 21+
  • Class Time:  Mondays 5:30 – 6:30 at the Manchester Community Music School
  • Number of weeks:  14
  • Start Date:  October  1st
  • Tuition:  $250
  • Minimum Class Size:  4
  • Maximum Class Size:  20

Adult beverages will be available.

C’mon – you know you want to be the next Eddie Vedder! Check out our classes for lifelong learners for more information and to register.