Tuition Discounts & Referrals

Tuition Discounts & Referrals

Affordable and accessible Music Education for all!

We at the Music School are excited about our referral program and tuition discounts.

Tuition Discounts

New Student Private Lesson Discount

We want to encourage new students to the school. As a new student/family, you are eligible to take advantage of one of these special offers.

$199.02 for 6 trial private lessons – Perfect for students to try an instrument or to see if the Manchester Community Music School is a good fit.

  • Must be a new student that has never before participated in the private lesson program.


New Student Rate: 30-Minute Private Lessons. $1,399.10 for 34 weeks (or pro-rated) – perfect for the student ready to commit!

  • If a student is brand new to the Private Lesson Program at the school, they are eligible to receive the ‘new student rate’ of $1,399.10 for 34 lessons. This can be pro-rated throughout the year.
  • In order to be eligible for this program, a student may not have participated in the private lesson program at the school in any capacity (i.e. – a different instrument etc.). However, if the student has participated in our ensembles program and wants to enter our private lesson program, that student can take advantage of this offer.
  • In the second year of lessons, the student will then pay full tuition.
  • Siblings are eligible for this discount as long as they have not taken private lessons at the school.

Sibling Discount for Select Early Childhood Classes

  • This discount applies to classes in which the parent participates – Sprouting Melodies, Beginning Maestros, and Music Exploration Camps.
  • 5% sibling discount (each child)
  • Children must fall into the appropriate age-brackets for the class in which they participate.
The Music School Referral Program

Our families are our best community ambassadors. So many of you refer your friends and family to the Music School, and we want to reward you for helping our school to thrive. Below are the details about how to participate!

  • Current student/family receives referral discount when a NEW student/family registers for private lessons for the academic year or a class/ensemble here at the school.
  • A new student/family is defined as never having taken part in any programs here at the school in the past.
  • If the new student/family registers for a year of private lessons, the referrer receives $100 off of their tuition.
  • If the new student/family registers for a class or ensemble, the referrer receives $25 off of their tuition.
  • This discount is not redeemable for cash, and will be credited to the referrer’s account.
  • The new family MUST indicate that they were referred to the school and by whom.  We will include a place for them to indicate this on the registration forms.

Please feel free to call the office at 603-644-4548 with any questions about these special programs and offers!