Sprouting Melodies

Sprouting Melodies®

Sprouting Melodies® is a unique, award-winning early childhood music program in which you and your little one sing, play, and move to music that is specifically designed to promote healthy early development.

What Makes Sprouting Melodies® Unique?

Sprouting Melodies® is a music therapy based early childhood program designed and led by Board-Certified Music Therapists to create child-centered musical experiences for the whole family in each and every music class.

Sprouting Melodies® integrates all that we, as music therapists, know about young children, development and musical responses. The classes provide consistent music experiences through which the child’s overall development is supported and strengthened. Parents are given specific tools and musical strategies to support their child’s growth at home.

Universal Acceptance

Sprouting Melodies Providers™ offer non-judgemental acceptance of all children and families. The Sprouting Melodies Provider is equipped to guide all children and families through the sometimes difficult process of growing up. Sprouting Melodies is a community where the focus is on inclusion rather than exclusion.

Class Schedule

For more information contact Director of Music Therapy Suzanne Denu, MM, MT-BC at suzannedenu@mcmusicschool.org


Class Descriptions

Even at the earliest stages of development, we know that infants are stimulated and comforted by music. Babies 0-9 months old participating in Sprouting Melodies 1 with their parent or caregiver will be joining in simple song structures that increase their awareness of themselves and others, nurture healthy bonds and develop trust with the world around them. With all that we know about brain development in infancy, it is really all that we can’t see at this age that is so incredibly vital to healthy growth. The repetition of musical experiences designed specifically for your little one will lay the groundwork for a life full of learning!

For babies and young toddlers, music is all about exploring! Exploring the sounds, the touch, the feel, and yes, even the taste of everything around them! The active music making and music listening in Sprouting Melodies 2 is designed to support children 6-18 months old as they build trust and increase their understanding of the world around them. The engaging songs immerse the babies in the musical experiences and provide many new ways to learn to make music independently with a variety of instruments including drums, maracas and bells. Socially, these young children begin to anticipate and initiate the play as they explore being in music!

Between 18 months and 3 years of age, each day is an adventure full of growth and exploration! Songs become learned and mastered, and young children want to show off their new skills and independence. Within our music experiences, Sprouting Melodies 3 provides the routine that toddlers crave yet provides the freedom and creativity for children to grow in self-expression and to build social relationships with their peers in music. Through instrument play, movement and singing songs, children in this group will be supported as they move through their own personal journey of social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.

All young children can learn and grow in music. Family Sprouts gathers kids and families together and provides opportunities for children of different ages to learn and interact together. In music making, as in development, babies, toddlers and preschoolers have unique needs. Each Family Sprouts class includes music making designed to elicit different responses from the children based on their cognitive, social and physical skills. The Sprouting Melodies Provider will be able to direct parents on how the experience for children of different ages will be unique. This is also a great class for siblings and twins and will give you lots of new ways to incorporate music in your family time at home.

0 months - 3 years

Sprouting Melodies®

Sprouting Melodies® is a unique, award-winning early childhood music program in which you and your little one sing, play, and move to music that is specifically designed to promote healthy early development.

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Sprouting Melodies - Young boy with drum
3 - 5 Years Old

Little Maestros

Perfect for Sprouting Melodies® graduates, little siblings of school-age musicians, and those enrolling in their very first music class!

The introduction to music for preschoolers is a great way for younger children to get ready for private lessons on piano, violin, or another instrument. Through a variety of age-appropriate activities, Little Maestros guides students as they explore pitch, rhythm, movement, listening, pre-music-reading skills, making music with others, and learning easy songs they can sing at home! Parents must be present during the class.

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Children playing drums with teachers
4-8 Years Old

Suzuki Lessons

The Suzuki approach begins a child’s music education at a young age, often 3 or 4 years old, and teaches music as a language would be learned.

Time is spent listening to music to develop auditory skills and memory. The Suzuki approach utilizes repetition of skills to build confidence in your players.

The Suzuki lessons are paced to develop playing techniques in small, successful steps.

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Children in a line, taking violin lessons
All Ages

Private Lessons

Taking private lessons at the Music School gives you access to quality instruction and performance opportunities tailored to meet your individual goals whether it’s for personal enjoyment, a higher level playing opportunity, or advanced performance goals.

As one of the most comprehensive centers for music education in the state of New Hampshire, our private lesson tuition includes access to weekly music theory classes, master classes, ensemble auditions, and accompanied recitals.

Each student is placed with a professional artist based on teaching and learning styles, maintaining the high standards for which the school has become known.

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Instructor with student learning piano
7-18 Years Old

Certificate Program

The Certificate Program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive musical foundation. Building on their private lessons, the program includes classes and ensemble experiences that will equip them to pursue their study of music, prepare for educational goals such as ensemble or college admission, and do so with like-minded peers who share a passion for music.

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Certificate program
All Ages

Large Ensembles

Composed of three orchestras, concert band, jazz ensemble, flute choir, percussion ensemble, and numerous chamber groups the program provides a playing experience for students of all ages from beginner to advanced.

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Symphony orchestra - cellos
All Ages

Small Ensembles

Small Ensembles are an essential part of a music students’ education because it creates such strong musicians.

The musical benefits of participating in a small ensemble are innumerable. Students learn to hone skills like awareness of blend and balance, intonation, accuracy in keeping beat, and attention to detail when reading music. Plus, participating in a musical ensemble can be just plain fun.

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Masterclass group
All Ages

Adaptive Lessons

Adaptive lessons are designed for students with a disability, learning disability, or learning differences who have a goal to learn a musical instrument.

Students are matched with a qualified private lesson teacher or music therapist who can support musical growth by incorporating necessary accommodations or modifications.

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Adult Life-Long Learning

Adult learners make up a big part of our MCMS family. Many have finished raising families or are entering retirement and are ready to pick up an instrument they played years ago or are learning to play for the first time. They participate in private lessons, group classes, and a variety of ensembles.

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Adult classes - group piano