Aubrie’s Summer Flute Recital 2020

Aubrie’s Summer Flute Recital 2020

Welcome to the End of Summer Flute Recital 2020!!!

We did it- we made it through another session of online lessons and repertoire classes, and all of you excelled. You learned a significant amount of music and practiced hard. We came together and performed for each other via zoom and Acapella, and below are the results of our hard work.






Flute Choir Arrangements

Yorkshire Ballad by James Barnes, arr by Arthur J. Ephross

Expresso by James Michael Sellars 

Fanfare by Deborah Anderson

A Summer Tune by Jim Black


Virtual Summer Music Festival for NHYE

Theme from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony 


Solo Pieces

Sonata for Flute, mm2 by Prokofiev

Lindsey Brayer



Syrinx by Debussy

Laurel Crawford


Bells on an Evening Wind by Erin Krell

Erin Krell


Reflections by Katherine Hoover

Erin Krell


30 Studies for Flute by Karg Elert, No. 14

Abbie Cote


Lotus Land by Cyril Scott

Anastasia Corman-O’Reilly 


30 Studies for Flute by Karg-Elert, No. 1

Anastasia Corman-O’Reilly


Acht Stucke, No. 4 by Hindemith 

Elsie Munsterteiger 


Acht Stucke, No. 5 by Hindemith 

Elsie Munsterteiger 


Allegro by Devienne

Kaelly Turgeon

Trois Pieces for Flute Seule by Ferroud 

Shanni Zhou